White Charming Led Sandals For Baby

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Sandals Size

Size Insole CM Insole Inch



22-23 13.5 5.3 9-12 Months
24-25 14.5 5.7 2-3 Years
26-27 15.5 6.1 3-4 Years
28-29 16.5 6.5 4-5 Years
30-31 17.5 6.9 5-6 Years

Please Select Sizes By Insole Size.
For Example if your kid Feet size is 13cm,
add 1Cm, Total 14Cm, which is Size 24-25.


  • Stylish car-shaped sandals with captivating LED lights, loved by kids for their charm and allure.
  • Made of soft and lightweight EVA material for maximum comfort during playtime and exploration.
  • Open-toe design provides breathability, making these Led sandals easy to wear and perfect for delightful adventures with your little one.

Introducing our White Charming Led Sandals For Baby, the epitome of style and charm for your little one's tiny feet! These captivating car-shaped sandals with LED lights are a sure hit with kids and will instantly become their favorite footwear.

The highlight of these stylish sandals lies in the LED lights featured on the car-shaped tyres. As your little one takes each step, the LED lights will light up like stars, creating a magical and delightful experience that will leave them utterly mesmerized.

Crafted with care, these sandals are made from soft and lightweight EVA material. This ensures that your baby's feet are cocooned in comfort, allowing them to explore and play with ease and joy.

With the open-toe feature, these charming Led sandals offer breathability, keeping your baby's feet cool and fresh even during those warm summer days. The easy-to-wear design makes them a practical choice for both parents and little ones.

These White Charming Led Sandals For Baby are more than just footwear; they are an enchanting experience that will ignite your child's imagination and delight. Watch as their faces light up with joy and wonder with every step they take.

Let your child step into a world of style and comfort with these charming Led sandals. Whether it's playtime in the park or a family outing, these adorable car-shaped sandals will be your baby's perfect companions. Make every moment memorable with the allure of LED lights and the softness of EVA material in these delightful Led sandals for baby.

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