Cute Sky Blue Baby Led Slippers

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Sandals Size

Size Insole CM Insole Inch



22-23 13.5 5.3 9-12 Months
24-25 14.5 5.7 2-3 Years
26-27 15.5 6.1 3-4 Years
28-29 16.5 6.5 4-5 Years
30-31 17.5 6.9 5-6 Years

Please Select Sizes By Insole Size.
For Example if your kid Feet size is 13cm,
add 1Cm, Total 14Cm, which is Size 24-25.


  • Charming white LED lights in a captivating sky-blue color
  • Car shape design with LED lights in the tires for an adorable and attractive look
  • Made of soft and lightweight EVA material to keep your baby comfortable during play and exploration.

Introducing our adorable Cute Sky Blue Baby Led Slippers, the perfect combination of charm and comfort for your little one! These delightful slippers are designed to bring joy and excitement to your baby's tiny steps with their charming white LED lights that light up in a captivating sky blue color. Your baby will be over the moon with happiness as they explore the world with these enchanting LED slippers.

The unique feature of these Baby Led Slippers lies in the small LED lights embedded in the tyres, giving them a playful and charming car shape. As your baby takes each step, the LED lights will sparkle like stars, making their every movement a delightful adventure.

Comfort is paramount when it comes to baby footwear, and we have taken care of that with the choice of material. These Baby Led Slippers are crafted from lightweight EVA material, known for its softness and flexibility. This ensures that your little one's delicate feet are cushioned and supported while they explore and play.

Our Baby Led Slippers are not just practical but also visually appealing. The combination of the calming sky blue color and the mesmerizing white LED lights creates an attractive and eye-catching design that will surely capture the hearts of both children and parents alike.

The LED lights are securely sealed within the tyres, ensuring there are no exposed wires or hazards. You can have peace of mind knowing that your baby can play and walk around comfortably without any concerns.

Whether it's a playdate, a family outing, or just exploring around the house, our Cute Sky Blue Baby Led Slippers are the perfect companions for your little one's adventures. The charm of the LED lights combined with the comfort of the EVA material will make these slippers your baby's favorite footwear.

Give your baby the gift of joy and comfort with these lovely and attractive Baby Led Slippers. Watch them light up with excitement and happiness with every step they take!

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