Lady Bird Baby Sandals

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Kids Shoes

Size Insole CM Insole Inch Recomended Age
18 12 4.7 3-6 Months
19 12.5 4.9 6-9 Months
20 13 5.1 9-12 Months
21 13.5 5.3
22 14 5.5 12-18 Months
23 14.5 5.7 18-24 Months
24 15 5.9 2-2.5 Years
25 15.5 6.1 2.5-3 Years
26 16 6.3 3-3.5 Years
27 16.5 6.5 3.5-4 Years
28 17 6.7 4-4.5 Years
29 17.5 6.9 4.5-5 Years
30 18 7.1 5-5.5 Years
31 18.5 7.3 5.5-6 Years
32 19.2 7.6 6-6.5 Years

Please Select Sizes By Insole Size.
For Example if your kid Feet size is 14cm, add 1Cm, Total 15Cm, which is Size 24.


  • Step into a world of soothing comfort and eye-catching style with our EVA Baby Sandals, the perfect slip-on shoes designed to revolutionize your child's footwear experience.

  • A harmonious blend of light blue upper and a captivatingly deeper midsole shade sets the stage for these exquisite baby sandals. Adorned with playful shapes, these sandals effortlessly convince kids to embrace both comfort and fashion.

  • Crafted from lightweight recyclable EVA material, these imported baby sandals not only prioritize your child's comfort but also offer easy cleaning, waterproof durability, and a hassle-free slip-on design. Their safety is paramount too, as they are free from harmful substances, ensuring worry-free adventures for your little one.

These beautiful EVA kids’ shoes are the best slip-on shoes that kids need to start a soothing revolution around the world. This beautiful pair designed with a combination of light blue upper and the midsole in a little darker blue shade looks eye-catching. It is really important to convince kids towards something and for this purpose, we have added up different cute little shapes to make shoes attractive. These imported pair of shoes is made of lightweight recyclable EVA material. Also, these shoes are super comfortable, easy to clean, washable, waterproof, and easy to put on and off. The material used in designing and creating these shoes doesn’t contain any harmful material.

While buying the shoes for kids it is suggested to buy an appropriate shoe size for daily wear so that it may not disturb kids by the looseness or tightness of size. We have several sizes available in this article, so we recommend you to take a moment to review the complete size guide mentioned in the product description.

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