Dino Crocs Kids Boys

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Size Chart:

Our Size Insole Size (CM) Insole Size (Inches) Suggested Age
21 13 5.1 12-15 Months
22 13.5 5.3 16-18 Months
23 14 5.5 18-24 Months
24 14.5 5.7 2 Years
25 15 5.9 2.5 Years
26 16 6.3 3 Years
27 16.5 6.5 3.5 Years
28 17 6.7 4 Years
29 17.8 7.0 4.5 Years
30 18 7.1 5 Years
31 19.1 7.5 6 Years
32 19.7 7.8 6.5 Years
33 20.2 8.0 7 Years
34 20.8 8.2 8 Years
35 21.3 8.4 9 Years
36 22 8.7 10 Years

Please note that sizes are manually measured, 1-2 CM difference is acceptable

  • Crafted from soft EVA material, these Dino Crocs Kids Boys are the epitome of comfort, ensuring your little one's feet are cozy and content all day long.
  • The charming royal blue color, adorned with adorable dinosaur patches all around, makes these Crocs his favorite clogs, sparking his imagination with every step.
  • With small holes in the upper for breathability, lightweight EVA material for maximum comfort, and waterproof, quick-dry features, these Crocs are the ideal choice for active kids who love to explore and play in style.

Introducing our adorable Dino Crocs Kids Boys – the perfect blend of cuteness, comfort, and playful charm that your little one will absolutely adore. Crafted from soft EVA material, these Crocs are designed to provide unmatched coziness for his tiny feet.

The captivating royal blue color, adorned with charming dinosaur patches all around, will undoubtedly make these Crocs his go-to clogs. Watch his eyes light up with excitement as he slips into these delightful clogs, transforming his everyday steps into a prehistoric adventure.

Designed with practicality in mind, the small holes in the upper of the clog ensure breathability, keeping his feet cool and comfortable even during the warmest days. Whether he's exploring the backyard or running around with friends, these Crocs will keep his feet feeling fresh and relaxed.

The lightweight EVA material not only offers a feather-light feel but also ensures that he can wear these Crocs all day long without any discomfort. From morning playtime to bedtime, these clogs are the perfect companions for his every adventure.

Built with the active kid in mind, these Dino Crocs Kids Boys come with the added benefits of being waterproof and quick-drying. Let him splash in puddles or run through sprinklers without worry – these Crocs are up to the task, and they'll dry in no time for his next escapade.

Experience the joy of seeing your little one step into a world of comfort, style, and playful imagination with our Dino Crocs Kids Boys. These clogs aren't just shoes; they're his ticket to endless adventures and comfort, wrapped in charming dinosaur-themed style.

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