Remote Control Rechargeable Led Shoes

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Youth Shoes

Shoe Size Insol CM Insol Inch Age
25 16.7 6.6 Youth Sizes
26 17.3 6.8
27 18 7.1
28 18.7 7.4
29 19.3 7.6
30 20 7.9
31 20.7 8.1
32 21.3 8.4
33 22 8.7
34 22.7 8.9
35 23.3 9.2
36 24 9.4
37 24.7 9.7

Please Select Sizes By Insole Size.
For Example if your kid Feet size is 17cm, add 1Cm, Total 18Cm, which is Size 27.

  • Remote Control Rechargeable Led Shoes
  • Best quality is guaranteed, Imported products
  • Multi-color charming Led Liights

These rechargeable led shoes will give him the joy of his life, the multiple lights with remote control are a perfect gift for the baby boy. The best quality material composition of PU with Eva midsole and mesh upper makes it lightweight and breathable. Eva material is famous for its soft and comfortable feel, it will give more space to the feet in the shoes to adjust and sit properly. 

It comes with a default setting and button for different colors of lights and themes. The rechargeable led shoes include a charger for recharging the lights. The product is quality checked in different stages of manufacturing and the quality is guaranteed by The Bobo Store. 

The best quality material composition makes the product durable and long lasting. The Led lights and the product will stay longer on his feet and he will love wearing them for parties and events. 


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