Charming Light Green Baby Girl Winter Jacket

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Size Tag Size Height CM Height Inches
0-6 Months 59 45-55 17.7-21.7
6-9 Months 66 55-65 21.7-25.6
9-12 Months 70 65-75 25.6-29.5
1-2 Year 80 75-85 29.5-33.5
2-3 Year 90 85-105 33.5-41.3
3-4 Year 110 105-115 41.3-45.3
4-5 Year 120 115-125 45.3-49.2
5-6 Year 130 125-135 49.2-53.1
6-7 Year 140 135-145 53.1-57.1
7-8 Year 150 145-155 57.1-61

Approximate Height & Age is mentioned.
Please check the measurement chart carefully.



  • Gift your baby girl the warmth of love with our Charming Light Green Baby Girl Winter Jacket, a perfect blend of softness and comfort that will make her winter unforgettable.
  • Embrace the elegance of winter in style with the cute light green fleece material, while the stylish collar with a collar gorge and lapel adds sophistication and charm to her look.
  • Designed for both fashion and functionality, this Baby Girl Winter Jacket features easy-to-use front central opening buttons and protective welt flap pockets, keeping her cozy and confident during chilly winter adventures.

Discover the magic of winter with our Charming Light Green Baby Girl Winter Jacket. It's more than just a jacket; it's a promise of warmth, comfort, and style that will light up your baby girl's winter days with joy and wonder.

Baby Girl Winter Jacket: A Perfect Gift

Imagine the smile that will light up your baby girl's face when she wraps herself in the warmth of this delightful Baby Girl Winter Jacket. It's not just a piece of clothing; it's a gift of love and care, carefully crafted to keep her snug and cozy during the chilly winter months.

A World of Softness and Comfort

Our Baby Girl Winter Jacket is a testament to the extraordinary comfort that every child deserves. Made from perfect fleece material, it caresses her skin with softness, ensuring that she feels comfortable from the inside out. As she wears this jacket, she'll be enveloped in a warm embrace that lets her explore the winter wonderland with confidence.

Elegance in Light Green

The cute light green color in fleece material doesn't just look awesome; it radiates a sense of freshness and vitality. This jacket is a perfect representation of the beauty of winter, making your baby girl the picture of grace and charm wherever she goes.

Style Meets Functionality

Elegance meets practicality in our Baby Girl Winter Jacket. The stylish collar with a collar gorge and lapel adds a touch of sophistication, transforming your little one into a fashion icon. It's the perfect formal look that will make her stand out at any occasion, whether it's a family gathering or a winter celebration.

Protection and Warmth in Every Detail

The thoughtful design doesn't stop at style; it extends to functionality as well. The front central opening buttons make it incredibly easy to put on and take off, ensuring fuss-free dressing. The welt flap pockets not only add to the jacket's charm but also provide protection and keep her little hands warm in the coldest of moments.

In conclusion, our Charming Light Green Baby Girl Winter Jacket is an invitation to celebrate the beauty of winter with your precious one. It's more than a jacket; it's an embodiment of love, style, and comfort that will make this winter unforgettable for your baby girl. Wrap her in warmth, elegance, and inspiration with a jacket that's as extraordinary as she is.

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