Important stuff and baby things to buy before birth

Important stuff and baby things to buy before birth

First-time parenting is the most beautiful feeling of all that an individual can feel. Every couple dreams of that day, even from the first day of their wedding. After the good news of pregnancy, they start planning and dreaming even with open eyes and even talking about the stuff related to an upcoming or due baby even after the good news. Still, yes, we all who experience this beautiful and most awaited moment know that it is not funny or a wrong thing to plan before the delivery, we all expect a healthy baby, so we also start planning even from the beginning and start talking about the necessary changes and requirements of the baby.

First-time parenting is the most overwhelming feeling, but it is not as easy as it looks because many new or first-time parents don't know about the necessities or requirements of new babies. For example, they don't know what to shop or buy for the baby. If the baby has grandparents, they will be lucky because the first time they don't have to buy anything for their baby, they get everything packed from their experienced grandparents. The latter know about all the necessities of the newborn even before their arrival. Still, all the couples or babies did not get much luck in this matter some don't have grandparents, some live separately, or some live in outer countries so if you are any of them don't worry, enjoy this beautiful phase of your life here we have mentioned the list below for all the worried first-time parents to know about all the important stuff and things required from the first day to three months. 


Clothing for the newborn

We knew you might want many fancy and stylish outfits for your baby to show your little one-off. Still, you should know that your baby doesn't need anything fancy or trendy in the first few weeks, so sticking to simple, soft budget-friendly clothing will be fine in the starting phase of your baby. If you want to buy some newborn stuff, you can visit The Bobo Store.

One more important thing to understand is not to buy too many newborn clothing items or suits because babies grow very fast at lightning speeds. 


What you must need

10-15 soft outfits, because sometimes during burping or pamper leakage can make a mess many times in a day, so you should have enough clothes.

2 -3 baby bags or sleepers

3-5 pairs of socks      

4-5 baby hats according to climate

1-2 baby blankets according to weather


Diapers or, as all said, pampers

Pampers are an essential newborn basic requirement, but picking the best diaper brand for your baby can be stressful and difficult. If you are stuck in between then, you can call any friend and family member who became parents recently for a better opinion to accept their opinion.

Newborns poop more in starting weeks and maybe go through 8 to 10 diapers a day, so make sure you have enough. But remember, too, that they will outgrow the newborn size in weeks, so don't stock too much.


Baby Bathing Items

After delivery or during the first week of your baby, your baby's umbilical cord will fall off, and doctors and our elders recommend giving your baby a warm bath. After that, it's not essential to give your baby a daily bath. You can provide bath three times a week. 

You will ask why not to bath daily because a daily bath can dry out the baby's skin. Don't worry. It doesn't mean your baby will stay dirty if he will spit-ups milk or at the time of diaper changing. There will be many opportunities for "spot cleaning." 

What You Need

  • 3-5 baby washcloths
  • 1-2 hooded soft towels
  • One baby sponge for bathing
  • 1 top to toe wash
  • One bottle baby lotion
  • A bathtub
  • Baby powder
  • Baby oil for massage

Always use mild and high-quality baby products


Grooming kit or manicure kit

 Grooming doesn't mean a make-over kit or something else. At first, you don't need to stock your cabinets with many baby products. Just buy a manicure kit and a little first aid kit. Because You will need to trim baby nails because, surprisingly, they grow so fast!), and not only is grooming necessary, you will also need to take or measure your baby's temperature and clean baby nose nasals. Babies will not be happy with the nose cleaning, but that is necessary.

What You Need

  • Baby nail clippers and scissors
  • Digital thermometer
  • Medicine dropper for medicines
  • Nose drops or device

As we all know that medicines are not recommended for pain-relieving before your baby is a bit little bigger because drugs can attack your child's immune system, so the first aid kit will be a little box having just a thermometer and nose cleaner.


Bedding and Sleep Needs

Choose a bed for the newborn baby (crib, cradle, staller, co-sleeper). Experts recommend that the baby sleeps in the parent's room with the parents for the first year of life.5, bumpers, blankets, pillows, and soft toys can be Although some of the experts do not recommend sharing a bed with the baby because sometimes it can be dangerous for the baby because most breastfeeding mothers fall asleep during breastfeeding and can lay on their baby in their bed, so it is essential to keep awake or do not share a bed with the baby

  •  It would be best to buy a cot or crib
  •  a mattress that fits appropriately in the cot
  • 3-4 fit or zipper waterproof mattress sheets


Feeding Supplies for the baby

 If a mother is comfortable and planning to breastfeed the baby, they do not need much more feeding supplies; the parents need the contact of a good lactation consultant and should join breastfeeding support groups for the discussions. And also an electric or manual breast pump for feeding ease.

However, If parents plan formula feeding for the baby, it is always better to discuss different formula brands for feeding and the correct quantity of the feeding.

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