Baby Fruite Feeder Silicone Baby Pacifier

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  • Latex and BPA Free Product.
  • High Quality Guaranteed.
  • Imported Product.
  • Delivery all over Pakistan in 3-5 days.

Baby Pacifier by “The BOBO store online” absorbs almost all kinds of fruit that helps to provide a complete balance of nutrition and helps to make the baby healthy. It increases the blood circulation of the head, encourage the progress of the brain, and at the same time exercise the baby tongue’s flexibility and mitigate the discomfort of the baby’s teeth. Besides this all, it makes a child able to enhance their vision, smell, taste, and touch development and helps in effectively inspires the taste development of the baby.  It’s easy for the baby to suck and chew small and safe food particles from the mesh. Moreover, it comes with a cover to keep food clean and easy to sterilize and clean.

Point to be considered: Don’t worry about the material used in designing this Pacifier because this baby fruit pacifier is made from the highest food-grade silicone that ensures the safety for the baby to nibble and munch on. Also, clean it carefully before each use.

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