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Size Tag Size Height CM Height Inches
0-6 Months 59 45-55 17.7-21.7
6-9 Months 66 55-65 21.7-25.6
9-12 Months 70 65-75 25.6-29.5
1-2 Year 80 75-85 29.5-33.5
2-3 Year 90 85-105 33.5-41.3
3-4 Year 110 105-115 41.3-45.3
4-5 Year 120 115-125 45.3-49.2
5-6 Year 130 125-135 49.2-53.1
6-7 Year 140 135-145 53.1-57.1
7-8 Year 150 145-155 57.1-61

Approximate Height & Age is mentioned.
Please check the measurement chart carefully.



  • Elevate your child's winter wardrobe with our Stylish Best Quality Winter Coats, striking the perfect balance between fashion and functionality.
  • Experience supreme warmth and comfort with our meticulously designed winter coats, ensuring your child remains cozy even in the chilliest of temperatures.
  • Explore our product video to witness the exceptional quality and contemporary aesthetics that make our winter coats a must-have addition to your child's wardrobe.

Discover the Pinnacle of Winter Fashion for Kids with Our Stylish Best Quality Winter Coats.

In the heart of winter, the welfare and style of your little ones are of paramount importance. As parents, we understand the significance of adorning your child in apparel that not only keeps them comfortably warm but also elevates their appearance. We are delighted to introduce our exquisite collection of Stylish Best Quality Winter Coats for Kids – an embodiment of fashion, functionality, and impeccable craftsmanship.

Unifying Elegance with Pragmatism
Our winter coats transcend the mundane and encapsulate an essence of refined elegance. Crafted with a discerning eye for the latest trends, these designs are conceived to make your child exude sophistication. Be it a family gathering, a day at the park, or a special occasion, our winter coats promise to render your child irresistibly fashionable.

Supreme Warmth and Comfort
Our winter coats are engineered to confront the harshest of winter conditions, ensuring that your child remains warmly cocooned against the bitter cold. The insulation and materials chosen have been meticulously selected for their exceptional ability to maintain warmth. With our coats, your child can embrace the outdoors without compromising on comfort.

Epitome of Quality
Quality is the cornerstone of our commitment. Our Stylish Best Quality Winter Coats for Kids are forged with painstaking attention to detail, using premium materials renowned for their longevity. We take pride in creating products that epitomize not just style but also a prudent investment in your child's comfort.

Contemporary Aesthetics
For fashion-conscious parents, we comprehend the significance of winter attire that seamlessly integrates with your child's wardrobe. Our coats exude a contemporary, chic allure suitable for formal and casual occasions alike. They are available in a spectrum of voguish colors and styles, allowing you to align your choice with your child's distinctive personality.

Witness Excellence
To ensure your confidence in your purchase, we have prepared a comprehensive product video that intricately unravels all the facets of our winter coats. We invite you to explore this video to acquaint yourself with the extraordinary quality and stylish designs our coats offer.

At The Bobo Store, we are dedicated to providing parents with a superlative choice for their children. Our Stylish Best Quality Winter Coats for Kids symbolize our unwavering commitment to quality, elegance, and practicality. Keep your child warm, comfortable, and impeccably attired throughout the winter season with our winter coats.

Do not compromise on style or warmth. Select our Stylish Best Quality Winter Coats for Kids and let your child's charisma shine even in the coldest of winters. Place your order today and ensure this winter season is defined by both coziness and fashion for your child.

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