Classic White Striped Tshirt For Kids

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Kid's Clothing

Size Tag Size Height CM Height Inches
0-6 Months 59 45-55 17.7-21.7
6-9 Months 66 55-65 21.7-25.6
9-12 Months 70 65-75 25.6-29.5
1-2 Year 80 75-85 29.5-33.5
2-3 Year 90 85-105 33.5-41.3
3-4 Year 110 105-115 41.3-45.3
4-5 Year 120 115-125 45.3-49.2
5-6 Year 130 125-135 49.2-53.1
6-7 Year 140 135-145 53.1-57.1
7-8 Year 150 145-155 57.1-61

Approximate Height & Age is mentioned.
Please check the measurement chart carefully.



  • Timeless Elegance with Modern Flair: Introducing the "Classic White Striped T-shirt for Kids," a fusion of enduring elegance and contemporary charm. This meticulously crafted garment radiates sophistication while infusing a modern touch, ensuring your child's look is both timeless and stylish.

  • Charming Multicolor Accents: Elevate your child's wardrobe with this captivating white t-shirt adorned with horizontal multi-color lines. The infusion of vibrant hues adds a playful element to the classic design, creating an irresistibly adorable ensemble that stands out in any setting.

  • Uncompromising Comfort and Style: Crafted from the gentle embrace of soft organic cotton, this t-shirt seamlessly blends comfort and style. Not only will your child exude an air of refinement, but they will also enjoy unparalleled comfort, making this piece a testament to the perfect harmony of aesthetics and ease.

Presenting the "Classic White Striped Tshirt for Kids," a quintessential garment that seamlessly marries timeless aesthetics with a touch of contemporary charm. This meticulously designed article of clothing possesses the remarkable capability to enhance the visual allure of your child while preserving a sense of adorability.

The captivating essence of this t-shirt resides in its pristine white canvas adorned with horizontal, multi-colored lines. These chromatic accents bestow a vivacious undertone upon the garment, rendering it an endearing addition to the young one's wardrobe. The fusion of classic and modern design elements culminates in an ensemble that is as stylish as it is delightful.

Encompassing the philosophy of comfort and sophistication, the tshirt for kids is fashioned from the gentle embrace of organic cotton. This choice of material guarantees an unparalleled level of comfort for the infant, ensuring a seamless fusion of style and ease. By virtue of this harmonious amalgamation, the child not only remains at ease but also manifests a distinctive aura of refinement.

In essence, the "Classic White Striped T-shirt for Kids" stands as a testament to the convergence of tradition and innovation in the realm of children's fashion. The convergence of its elegant form, coupled with the tactile gratification of organic cotton, emanates an ensemble that is poised to redefine the standards of comfort and style. Elevate your child's appearance and comfort by adorning them in this remarkable attire, thereby ushering in a new era of aesthetic distinction.

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