When it comes to dressing your daughter, you don't have to do all of these things.

When it comes to dressing your daughter, you don't have to do all of these things.

Every woman always dreams of having a cute baby girl so they can dress her up in a beautiful dress and adorn her in princess gowns, tiaras, and headbands. They cannot wait to purchase the sparkly shoes, the iridescent earrings, and the fluffy tutus. There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of it, to be sure, but there are certain stereotypes that you don't have to follow when you dress your daughter.

Living up to gender stereotypes is one of them. Yes, you can dress your daughter in a pink frock and dress all day, but make sure to provide other options and tell her that she can wear whatever she likes.

The majority of the clothes departments are excessively stereotyped. Departments for "girls" are pink, whereas departments for "boys" are blue. You can recall looking for a black turtleneck for a costume but only finding one in the boy's area. Why are there pink frocks everywhere? Can't our daughters wear black as I have for as long as I can remember? Similarly, green, rich blues, browns, and oranges are reserved for boys and cannot easily be found in the girl's division.

Sure, girls have many options for wearing pink frock, dresses, and skirts without being mocked. However, just because those options exist does not mean that parents use them. Many parents still insist on gender-specific apparel, which is simply unnecessary. 

Allow your baby girl to choose what she wants to wear, as long as it is appropriate for the season. Girls should understand that, contrary to common assumptions, the person, not the clothes, defines them.

Girls should understand that they can wear whatever they want, regardless of color, style, or how others may see them. With that in mind, and because we should all be teaching our daughters that their choices are endless, here's what you don't have to do when getting your daughter ready for the day:


Why only pink or purple is selected

I know most girl's clothes sections are filling up with pinks frocks and purples skirt, but trust me when I say those aren't the only colors accessible. Several apparel and department stores are finally catching up and giving more options for girls. Your daughter will eventually develop a fashion sense, but you should also, in the meanwhile, try to provide her with a wide range of colors and styles to pick from the options. I assure you you'll have a good time.


Insist on her wearing headbands.

My kid could easily pass for a boy when she was a baby. In fact, on one of the days we were out, and she was dressed entirely in a pink frock, a stranger inquired as to whether she was a boy or a girl. I wasn't insulted in the least. My kid, after all, was born with a bald head. Just because I recognize her as a female does not imply that everyone else does.

And what harm does it do if someone thinks she's a boy? Many mothers purchase headbands for their daughters because passersby would mistake their bald girl for a bald guy, but this is unnecessary. Those headbands are lovely and cute, but they aren't necessary. If someone confuses your child's gender, nothing will happen.


Don't be stubborn with your choices.

Some feminine mothers pledged before having children that they would not show her a single Disney princess film if they ever had a daughter. And they didn't change their opinion after having a daughter. But what if one day she did tell when she came home and wanted to be a princess when she grew up. Then show her some Disney princess videos after swiftly processing such evident betrayal of the feminist heart.

When it came time to buy those costumes, you should also decide to throw in some superhero stuff, just for balance.


Dress Her Up with a pink frock, Skirts, and Dresses Only.

Dresses and skirts aren't the only options for females. That's fantastic if your daughter enjoys wearing them. However, if she chooses pants and jeans, that is entirely her decision and not yours.


Piercing her ears is not a must thing.

It's common in my culture to pierce a girl's ears when she emerges from her mother. You didn't have to follow that antiquated custom. I determined that when your daughter is old enough, she will decide whether or not she wants to pierce her ears. We don't give a damn if she never does. She decided to use her body.


Why are girls the only ones who are concerned? Rips and Stains

We have a few friends who exclusively have boys, and they are often complaining about how boys damage their things and go through pants faster than females can buy them. We are also irritated when our daughter stains or shreds her pants because we did not expect this behavior from the girls.

Active girls, like active boys, will rip, stain, and damage their clothes, and moms should allow it. Because dresses can easily replace, but your daughter's self-esteem and self-worth cannot.


Purchasing Makeup for her

I get a lot of criticism for my stance on young girls wearing makeup, but parents should not be offended by what other people think about their parenting. I'm not a fan of little girls wearing cosmetics, even if it's only "for fun." I believe that girls should not use cosmetics until they are considerably older because cosmetics contain a tremendous quantity of harmful substances, the effects of which we are unaware. Second, what is the need for it? Rather than assisting our daughters in covering their innate beauty, we should teach them about natural beauty.


To all the awesome parents:

Every parent deserves applause because parenting is not easy at all, it is an unpaid full-time job, and we also have to face judgmental people. The point of raising daughters in a feminine way is not wrong, but don't be stubborn. Always think more about your daughter rather than the social stereotypes. If she wants to wear a princess pink frock or a black hoodie with jeans, both selections are regular, and they will adore your daughter differently.

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