Swaddle Wrap For Babies - Why its important?

Swaddle Wrap For Babies - Why its important?

Wrapping and swaddling may seem outdated or old-fashioned, but few or some parents seem to talk about its benefits. They say it helps their newborn baby sleep peacefully and prevents them from getting frightened. So here is the needed information about what is swaddling or wrapping, its welfares and risks, and tips for doing safe swaddling or wrapping. After watching Royal prince Louis and many other royal babies, you might have seen many babies swaddled. And we all know that the royals always follow the most trending and recommended tips for parenting, so here is a plus for swaddling the baby. 

What is wrapping or swaddling?

Wrapping a baby with a cloth is an old traditional practice. Swaddle cloth wrapped around the body, avoiding the neck and face area. They should only have their body wrapped and not their neck or head. Elders or parents always use a soft, lightweight material or thin blanket to cover their infant for a peaceful sleep. As we all know, babies live nine months in a low space place bound to a bit of space after coming out, and they may feel insecure.

Swaddling will help the infant feel secure in the outer world.

What is the importance of swaddling and wrapping the infant around A cloth?

Our elders always advise wrapping a cloth around an infant for peaceful sleep. It can calm the baby, reduce tiredness of the baby, and help the baby sleep more or longer. 

When we don't wrap our babies in any cloth, they get frightened due to startling reflex or their own hands and legs movement, so wrapping gives them the feeling of protection and security, and the baby will sleep longer and wake up in a new mood. Some people think the baby's journey is only nine months. Still, according to experts or experienced parents, the baby's first three months should measure along the nine months of pregnancy because it's the most challenging time for the babies and parents to adopt the new life changes. The baby cries a lot at night because they awake more at night. They feel uncomfortable in their new life and take time to adjust to the new world, and the parents pampering them also deserve sympathy for the sleepless nights and the efforts they put into introducing new life or world to the baby.

What are the risk factors of swaddling Or wrapping the baby?

Wrapping your baby along with clothes may connect with some risk factors. Wrong wrapping can be dangerous for your baby. It may cause heat up in the baby's body. As to experts, it may hurt the muscles of the hands and feet and don't swaddle your baby in too much warm or heavy cloth. First of all, before wrapping, you should learn the proper method of swaddling your baby.

Some safety tips for swaddling are below.

Do not wrap your baby during breastfeeding or any feeding, and it may cause discomfort or difficulty breathing to your children.

Try to unwrap your baby during any feeding. If their hands are free during feeding, they will enjoy their latching or feeding.

Avoid too much or swaddling every time. Just give free time to your baby to move their hands and feet for healthy growth. Too much forcefully wrapping to stop the natural motion of the body may cause a delay in the development of the baby. If your swaddled baby sleeps very long, then slightly unwrap them for feeding to give them their required nourishment.

Sudden infant death connected with the swaddling or wrapping


In the last few years, baby sleeping bags and swaddling have been prohibited in some countries due to the increased death rate of infants due to swaddling and putting babies inside the baby bag when babies are wrapped or swaddled with a cloth. They cannot move their body. Somebody starts to change their position, and during this trying, they may roll over and lie on their face if they are unwrapped or swaddled. They may move on one side due to an uncomfortable and breathless position.

Still, if they are wrapped tightly in a cloth, they may not change the situation and may die due to shortness of death, so always watch your precious infant.

Similarly, baby bags are the most convenient way to lift a baby without hurting their arms or disturbing their sleep, but they have risks like swaddling. The baby sleeping in the bag can move inside it, gather all inside it, and experience shortening breath.

Is swaddling is a safe option or not?

Reading and knowing all the risk factors of swaddling now, one question will arise in your mind: is it safe still the swaddling or wrap? Should we swaddle our babies or not. So the answer is yes, swaddling is still safe for your baby. Keep an eye on and follow the safety or essential tips of swaddling whenever your baby starts rolling or turning to avoid swaddling. Don't swaddle the baby at night when you are asleep.

How to do swaddling properly 

If you want to know swaddling tips, just read the tips mentioned below 

1. Always wrap or swaddle your infant using lightweight, thin clothes. Suitable clothing may contain cotton particles, cotton wraps, or specially designed ready-made- baby swaddles. 

2. Always start swaddling from the shoulders. Avoid the neck or upper shoulder area while wrapping your baby

3. Wrap or swaddle your infant gently, not too light or easy to open but n (not too tightly). Tight wrapping may restrict your baby's lower body stop moving 

4. Don't put your baby on the sides. Always put them on their back. Never put a swaddled baby to sleep on their front or side.

5. Keep a check on your baby's temperature. If he is sweating, remove the swaddling cloth or remove one inner layer to avoid the heat up 

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