Stomach Pain In Kids – Abdomen Pain

Stomach Pain In Kids – Abdomen Pain

Children of different ages often complain of abdomen or stomach pain. Nowadays, It is the most common reason for children's crying, and parents have to take children to the doctor's clinic or the nearest hospital's emergency department. Stomach or abdomen pain can be hard to diagnose. The doctor will ask your child a few questions then start the necessary treatment for your child. Sometimes a problem maybe not be dangerous or obvious, so no internal examination or tests are needed.

Almost every child with abdomen or stomach pain gets better in a few hours or a day without any special treatment, and even sometimes, can find no cause of the stomach pain, and a child can feel better with just a pain killer injection or medicine. Sometimes the cause is found after the tests and can start treatment. If stomach pain persists, see your doctor again as soon as possible.

Most children of different ages experience stomach pain in various stages. They may cry using terms like tummy ache, belly or abdomen ache, or stomach ache.

It can be complex or challenging for parents to decide whether their kid's stomach pain is normal or the symbol of something more thoughtful. 

Possible reasons for stomach pain or ache in children

Many causes and health problems can reasons for abdomen or stomach pain for children, including:

  • Gut problems such as colic and constipation, 
  • Some infections such as kidney or bladder infections, or conditions in other parts of the body like the chest 
  • , food poisoning due to low-quality junk food or food allergies
  • Serious surgical problems like appendicitis or intussusception (telescoping of part of the gut)
  • Stomach pain can also feel due to period pain – some girls can have stomach pain before their first periods. 
  • Poison substances in blood – such as spiders or any other insect bites, eating soap, or inhaling too much cigarette smoke.

Repeated stomach pain every other time.

Some children may suffer repeated attacks of abdomen pain, which can be disturbing every time for parents. Often, one can find no severe health problem during the examination.


 All the parents should know about everything upsetting and anxiety to your child at home, school, or with friends and family. Children may also feel stomach or abdomen pain when stressed about school exams or tests or the bossy people around them. Try to visit your family doctor for advice. A visit may be needed to a pediatrician (children specialist).

Appendicitis pain

Appendicitis is one of the foremost dangerous causes of stomach pain. It is just a small-end tube attached from a lower part of the bowel or gut. If this small tube gets blocked, it may cause infection and intense stomach pain. Block tubed pain or appendicitis pain can start or happen at any age but is rare in younger children. As we all know, a child may need immediate surgery.

The appendicitis pain starts in the middle or one side of the tummy and may move down low on the right side. The stomach becomes sensitive or sore to the touch. The pain often worsens with coughing and driving or walking around. A child facing appendicitis pain often shows some signs of being unwell, such as vomiting, fever, food nausea, or (sometimes) diarrhea.

If you are worried about your child's abdomen pain and thought maybe they are developing appendicitis or block tubed pain, visit your family doctor or go to the emergency of your nearest local hospital. An operation or surgery is always needed to remove the appendix, although it will settle down the problem in some rare cases without the surgery.

How can diagnose the real cause of abdominal pain in children 

Sometimes the main problem is quite obvious, so no tests are needed it can not interpret the issue, may need some tests they may include:

  • Some blood tests
  • urine test
  • stool sample
  • abdomen x-rays
  • some other special tests
  • Examination by a specialist doctor.

If the doctor feels conscious about your child's pain, he will examine the undergo tests, forward it to the seniors, and explain the results to the kid's parents. Some test results may take several days to come back, and if influential, then will call the parents immediately.

Different treatments for abdominal or stomach pain in children

Your child's treatment will depend on the doctor's examination and the test result, which shows the actual cause of the stomach pain. Treatment may be as straightforward as simply asking questions and sending your child home back with the advice to do more rest, take excess amounts of fluids, and eat a simple, balanced diet. Other complex treatment options may include immediate hospital admission in the emergency ward and surgery.

Doctors suggest taking care of your child if he repeatedly has abdominal pain or stomach ache attacks.

Some of the General but important suggestions on easing the pain and taking care of your children with abdomen pain may include:

  • First of all, make sure your sympathetic child gets plenty of rest.
  • Try to track your child's fluids intake and also help him drink plenty or more clear fluids such as cooled boiled water or fresh fruit juices.
  • When children are not feeling well, they always refuse their favorite foods, so do not push or force your child to eat food.
  • If your child asks for food or says he is hungry, offer bland food such as fruits, rice crackers, or jam toast.
  • If your child feels pain in the stomach, place a hot water bottle or heating gel pad or wheat bag on your tummy, or if he can go to the bathroom quickly, give him a warm bath.
  • Give pain killers like Paracetamol if your child can bear the pain.

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