Protectiveness or jealousy - Little Children Behaviors

Protectiveness or jealousy - Little Children Behaviors

Protectiveness or jealousy is a problematic, distrustful reaction that may stand up when an individual intellects a warning to a loving relationship. Protectiveness or jealousy of offspring is traditionally linked more with mother than father since every child tends to be closer to the mother before and after birth. Protectiveness in offspring usually wakes up when taking the family love and warmth get distributed with the appearance of a sibling.

Over protectiveness and jealousy are common emotions in little children. However, it is one of the most unpleasant negative emotions they may experience at that younger age. This negative emotion arises or starts from the fright of losing the attention and love of their parents and other relatives. It may also cause fussiness, anger, anxiety, getting hyper, or hate towards other younger siblings or the new family member. Additionally to this jealousy, children may have frequent fights, disagreements, or disobedience towards the elders.

Fathers and mothers Mistakes That Cause over protectiveness in little Children

Parental or single-parent behavior could be the main elicit for protectiveness in childhood. For example, kids are often impatient to astonish and seek extra attention or value from their parents. That kind of child could gradually grow jealous if parents start to give more consideration to the other child

Some of the leading parenting mistakes are as follows

Too much attention

Your little Children may feel more jealous when they have the spotlight every time and feel the newborn or the friends are the rivals or stealers of the attention. They become the reason for their insecurity. If you pamper the kid with too much attention, they could feel themselves undefeated at home. When a new baby becomes a part of the family or a relative having a child visits home, they may feel insecure. Jealous children even suffer from hyper attacks or start misbehaving due to depression when they do not get similar or required and desired attention and may develop a personality or inferior complexes in the future.

When parents compare children with others

Another most repeated and damaging dangerous mistake of the parents is the comparison, and it's the similar mistakes every parent loves to make. Their children feel jealousy with each other. This comparison can only lead to heavy rivalry and a lack of passion and self-confidence.

Creating unimportant competition

Making or forcing the little children to make the same effort and activity and comparing their actions and results would create unhealthy competition because every child cannot be similarly blessed or skilled with the same qualities. One child may be less skilled or blessed than the other, but insisting on them to do the skill or forcing them to do the same activity with similar results could damage your child's personality. They can be jealous of the other with the others proven wrong, leading to jealousy.

Raising a child is not much easy. Parents have many pressures, so focus on bonding with your child.

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