Newborn Baby Care - Welcoming the littleone

Newborn Baby Care - Welcoming the littleone

Congratulations on your newborn. Newborn babies seem to sleep mostly, eat, cry, and poo. But as you and your baby get to know each other and bond your early days together. Your day will also involve cuddling and playing. All babies are different from each other. Their sleeping and eating patterns are often changed, and it may take time for them to settle down in their routine. You may prefer that your day-to-day routine follow what your newborns do. Alternatively, you may like to start establishing a straightforward exercise. Either way, you and your baby will begin to settle into a daily sleeping pattern, feeding and playing.


What routine can I start with my newborn?

Planning a routine for you and your baby with regular naptimes, feeds, activities, outings, and bedtime can help. This way will also give structure to your day and your baby. It’s best to keep your baby’s routine as consistent as possible, especially while they’re still getting used to it .this consistency will help them understand that certain things happen at particular times. A routine may also help you keep focus and order for the day. Having a way to stick to every day may feel frustrating at first, so don’t be afraid to ask for help from your friends, family, or health visitors.


Adjust your baby s routine to suit their age.

It may feel like no time for your other chores when you are a new mom. As your baby gets older, they will need fewer daytime naps. And more playtime and stimulation. When they are six months more senior, they will also need to start eating solid foods. So be prepared for mealtimes to take longer and the cleanup afterward. As your baby gets older, these routine changes will seem more natural. If you find it challenging to find a routine that suits their age, your health visitor will be happy to give you some advice.


Expect changes during your baby’s growth from one day to six months.

Your baby will accomplish so much in its first six months. They nearly doubled or tripled their weight. And you will see them achieve significant developmental changes like sitting, crawling, and finding you. When your baby grows and ticks off milestones faster than others, there will be times. And you are likely to be in for some disruption to their routine during these growth months.


Don’t expect perfection.

Your baby s routine won’t always run like clockwork. Although babies like consistency, you can expect changes daily and as your baby grows. Sometimes, your baby will want to skip a nap, have an extra feed, wake up early and get ill. This could be a one- or it may be linked to a new tooth.

 Or minor illness like a cold. Life will get in the way too. Just pick up as usual when you can. Remember that every parent faces the same challenges. You aren’t alone.

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