Floral Pink Blue Nicker Set For Girls

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Size Tag Size Height CM Height Inches
0-6 Months 59 45-55 17.7-21.7
6-9 Months 66 55-65 21.7-25.6
9-12 Months 70 65-75 25.6-29.5
1-2 Year 80 75-85 29.5-33.5
2-3 Year 90 85-105 33.5-41.3
3-4 Year 110 105-115 41.3-45.3
4-5 Year 120 115-125 45.3-49.2
5-6 Year 130 125-135 49.2-53.1
6-7 Year 140 135-145 53.1-57.1
7-8 Year 150 145-155 57.1-61

Approximate Height & Age is mentioned.
Please check the measurement chart carefully.



  • Adorable Floral Pink Blue Nicker Set For Girls: This charming set features a pink color t-shirt with a delightful floral pattern, paired perfectly with a vibrant blue nicker for a stylish and cute look.

  • Premium Quality and Comfort: Made with care using high-quality materials, this nicker set ensures durability and a soft feel against the skin. The breathable fabric provides excellent ventilation, keeping your little one cool and comfortable all day long.

  • Impeccable Craftsmanship: Each piece of this set is meticulously manufactured, showcasing impeccable attention to detail and ensuring a product that is built to last. Let your little girl shine with confidence in this beautifully crafted Floral Pink Blue Nicker Set.

Introducing our exquisite Floral Pink Blue Nicker Set For Girls, a delightful combination of a pink color t-shirt and a vibrant blue nicker. This charming ensemble is designed to make your little one look adorable while ensuring utmost comfort and style.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this set is made from premium-quality materials, ensuring durability and a soft touch against the skin. The pink t-shirt features a charming floral pattern that adds a touch of elegance, while the vibrant blue nicker complements it perfectly, creating a stunning visual contrast.

Designed with the active lifestyle of young girls in mind, this nicker set offers unrestricted movement and flexibility. The t-shirt is thoughtfully tailored to provide a comfortable fit, allowing your little one to explore and play with ease. The breathable fabric ensures excellent ventilation, keeping your child cool and comfortable throughout the day.

Not only does this Floral Pink Blue Nicker Set boast exceptional quality and comfort, but it also showcases impeccable craftsmanship. Each piece is meticulously manufactured, paying attention to every stitch and detail, resulting in a high-quality product that stands the test of time.

This versatile set is perfect for various occasions, including casual outings, playdates, or even lounging at home. It can be effortlessly paired with sneakers or sandals for a fun and fashionable look. Whether your little one is enjoying a sunny day at the park or attending a birthday party, this Floral Pink Blue Nicker Set is a wardrobe essential that will surely make her stand out in style.

Give your precious girl the gift of both comfort and fashion with our Floral Pink Blue Nicker Set. Add a touch of elegance to her wardrobe and let her radiate confidence and charm wherever she goes.

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